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Dirty Fingerprints

Looking at any office computer monitor we usually see leftover fingerprint marks on the physical screen, the result of proposed changes by colleagues, or instructions from superiors.

'Dirty Fingerprints', is a screensaver that gathers mouse-clicks from a variety of collaborating websites and renders them visible on the screen. The X-Y coordinates of web-surfers mouse clicks are retrieved by the screensaver and displayed as dirty fingerprints on the user's screen. The screensaver checks the web every five minutes to see if a new fingerprint has been placed. As a result of this missed human contact and we see the gradual buildup of residual markings. Download Screensaver

Join the Network

You can help extend the network of collaborating sites by adding a simple line of code to one of your webpages, which will be invisible to your site visitors. Simply copy and paste the line of HTML below into the head of an HTML page. By doing so any user's mouse-click will send a quick message containing the X and Y coordinates of the click. Only those visitors who use Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) will have their mouse-clicks recorded. This is due to the dynamic nature of IE's object model. Adding the line will not affect any hypertext links on the page. Please test your page after adding the line, especially if it contains heavy DHTML - and thank you for joining the network!

Javascript Include

Simply copy and paste the line of HTML below into the head of an HTML page.

Technical Specifications

The screensaver uses HTML, javascript, ASP and a compiled executable written in Delphi. The screensaver is currently only available for PCs running Windows. You must have an active internet connection to run the screensaver. After downloading the screensaver please unzip the contents and then double-click setup.exe. If you experience any problems then copy the dirtyfgr.scr file to your C:/Windows/System directory, then right-click the file and select 'Install'.

Download Screensaver